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Az-Zerba town teems with life following a year of its liberation from terrorism

Aleppo, SANA – After a year of its liberation from terrorism, Az-Zerba town in Aleppo countryside is teeming with life again, where the peasants returned to their lands to work and students to their schools to complete their academic achievement, while service authorities are working to secure the requirements of the returnees to their houses through providing necessary services.alt

SANA’s camera toured the fields of the farmers in the town and monitored the work of peasants in their fields which were liberated due to sacrifices of Syrian Arab army.

In az-Zerba town, is witnessing a reconstruction movement, including rehabilitation of houses, buildings and service facilities in order to rebuild what has been damaged by terrorism.

 Head of Az-Zerba town council, Abdul Hamid al-Rajab, told SANA that, since the town was liberated at the hands of the heroes of Syrian Arab Army, the service team, in cooperation with the civil society, started to open roads, transfer rubble, supply drinking water, electricity and communications networks, and put some of them into service.

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