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Russia Deployed Special Geo-Radars In Syria To Search For Militant Tunnels


Russia Deployed Special Geo-Radars In Syria To Search For Militant Tunnels

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The Russian military has transferred Oko-3 ground penetrating radars (GPRs) to Hmeimim Air Base in Syria, the TASS news agency reported on March 12.

Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Ryotsky, Deputy Commander of the Russian Military Engineer Forces in Syria, said that the Oko-3 GPRs can be used to search for underground tunnels dug by terrorists in order to carry out attacks.

“The geo-radar Oko-3 can detect voids not only in the ground, but also in concrete and other similar environments,” Lit. Col. Ryotsky said. “It is intended for exploration, and has a wide range of applications, including in the civilian industry.”

According to the officer, terrorist groups have been and are still using tunnel-digging equipment under Syrian military bases, troop mobilization sites and police stations in order to carry out terrorist and sabotage operations.

In the course of the war, the terrorists dug tunnels under a number of Syrian military bases, placed tons of explosives there then blew them.

Lt. Col. Ryotsky said that Oko-3 GPRs can detect tunnels and underground depots, usually used to store weapons and ammunition, down to depth of 50 meters.

The radars were transferred to Hmeimim Air Base aboard a cargo plane which also carried new “OVR-2-02” protective suits, which are used to protect military engineers from shrapnel caused by explosive devices. These protective suits are characterized by a light weight of no more than 12 kilograms.



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