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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Destroyed Another Air-Defense System Of The Houthis (Video)


Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Destroyed Another Air-Defense System Of The Houthis (Video)

Typhoon T2 of the RSAF 10th Squadron. The 10th Squadron is being equipped with T2 and T3As currently.

On March 12, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its aerial forces had destroyed another air-defense system of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

In a brief statement, the coalition claimed that its strikes destroyed “all the components” of the system and eliminated “foreign experts” who were operating it.

The coalition released a video allegedly showing the destruction of an anti-aircraft missile launcher, three radars and a command and control center. Experts were not able to identify any of the objects seen in the unclear video. This leaves the coalition’s claims unverified.

Two days ago, Saudi-led coalition warplanes destroyed a Soviet-made SA-6 “Gainful” medium-range air-defense system of the Houthis in Ma’rib in a rare success.

The Houthis’ Air Defense Force operates several air-defense systems, including air-to-air missiles which were modified by the Yemeni group for ground-launch.

Recently, the Houthis’ air-defense capabilities began to pose a real threat to the Saudi-led coalition aerial operations in Yemen. The most recent victim of these capabilities was a Saudi Vestel Karayel combat drone that was shot down over al-Jawf.



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