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Iran Confirms Attack On One Of Its Ships Near Syria, Calls It ‘Piracy’


Iran Confirms Attack On One Of Its Ships Near Syria, Calls It ‘Piracy’

Screen grab from IRISL footage.

An Iranian merchant ship was damaged as a result of a “terrorist attack” in the Mediterranean Sea, a spokesman for the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL) Group confirmed to the semi-official Nournews on March 12.

An explosion rocked the ship, named SHAHR E KORD, as it was sailing a few kilometers away from Syria’s shores. The explosion forced the ship to anchor at Baniyas Port.

According to IRISL spokesman, SHAHR E KORD was slightly damaged by an explosive object but no one on board was hurt. The ship was en-route to Europe.

“Such terrorist acts amount to naval piracy,” the spokesman, Ali Ghiasi, told Nournews.

Iran has not yet held any side responsible for the attack on SHAHR E KORD. Nevertheless, many observers believe that Israel was behind the attack.

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Israeli intelligence targeted over a dozen Iranian vessels bound for Syria in the last two years. Most of the targeted vessels were carrying oil.

Some observers saw the attack on SHAHR E KORD as a response to the February 26 explosions at the Israeli-owned vessel MV HELIOS RAY in the Sea of Oman. However, the Wall Street Journal’s report clearly shows that Tel Aviv was attacking Iranian vessels way before the attack on MV HELIOS RAY.



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