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Health Ministry launches a campaign “ No-Sugar Week Challenge” with a sport marathon towards Umayyad

Damascus, SANA- The Ministry of Health launched on Friday a health awareness campaign under the title “ No-Sugar Week Challenge.”alt

The event started with a sport marathon from al-Nejmeh Square to Umayyad Square in Damascus, which gathered doctors, athletes, community events, youth initiatives and other participants of different age categories.

The campaign, including the marathon, aims to spread health awareness in the community about the bad effects of white sugar to public health and the need to follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases.alt

Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Ghabbash, noted in a press statement during the marathon that the Ministry is exercising its awareness-raising role through this campaign, as well as its therapeutic role, expressing hope that the message would reach all society spectrums to achieve a healthy pattern and a better health practice.

The minister stated that the global studies have demonstrated the negative impacts of excessive use of white sugar, like other unhealthy habits such as smoking and other things, so it is necessary to avoid it and raise awareness of its dangers.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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