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Damascus and Moscow: Washington and its allies continue to hinder stability of situation in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Syrian and Russian Coordination committees on the Return of Syrian Refugees affirmed on Thursday that the US continues to strangle the Syrian people economically by using various methods of economic and political pressure on international bodies and organizations to turn a blind eye to the dangerous repercussions of the sanctions imposed on Syria.

“The US and its allies continue, by all means, to hinder the stability of the situation in Syria, and all US statements about their willingness to provide assistance to the Syrian people are untrue, and these illegitimate sanctions against Syria completely strangle its economy.” The two committees said in a statement.

They reaffirmed that the Syrian state continues to exert big efforts to secure suitable and appropriate conditions for the return of the refugees, and to find job opportunities for them in the country despite the difficult economic situation in addition to combating terrorism and rebuilding industrial and agricultural facilities and infrastructure.

The two committees also called on the international community to pressure the US and its allies to abandon its inhuman policy against Syria, to stop exerting pressure and destabilize the situation there, and to observe international rights and the principles of the UN.

MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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