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Two Russian Radars Spotted At Key Eastern Syria Airport


Two Russian Radars Spotted At Key Eastern Syria Airport

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On March 9, Twitter account Status-6 shared new satellite images showing two Russian radar systems at Deir Ezzor Airport in eastern Syria.

The systems, a P-18 “Spoon Rest D” and a Kasta 2E2 “Flat Face E,” were apparently deployed at the military section of Deir Ezzor Airport during 2019.

The P-18 is a 2D VHF radar with a maximum range of 250 km and an altitude of 35 km. The more modern Kasta 2E2 is a 2D UHF radar with a range of 150 km and an altitude of 6 km.

While the P-18 radar is generally used for early warning, the Kasta 2E2 is a low-level surveillance radar that can be also used to detect stealthy air targets.

Together, the two radars allow Russia to keep an eye on the skies of Syria’s central, eastern and northeastern regions. The US-led coalition operates in the northeastern region. The Israeli Air Forces, on the other hand, carried out several attacks on targets in the central and eastern regions in the past.

Russia has been working to strengthen its military presence in central and eastern Syria for a few years now. Recent reports revealed that Russian forces are now building a large base near the ancient city of Palmyra in the heart of the war-torn country.



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