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UAE Foreign Minister stresses importance of joint work with Syria

Abu Dhabi, SANA-UAE Foreign Minister, Abdullah bin Zayed underlined the importance of cooperation and joint work with Syria, adding “this issue is not related to whoever wants or does not want,” but the issue is the public interest, Syria’s interest and the interest of the region, indicating that the so-called “Caesar Act” makes the track of this cooperation is more  difficult.

 ‘I think that the biggest challenge facing coordination and joint work with Syria today is  Caesar Act, and I believe that there must be areas that open the door to joint action with Syria for all of us ,” Bin Zayed added during a press conference with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov,  in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday

Bin Zayed added that Keeping “Caesar Act” makes that track very difficult, not only for us as countries, but also for the private sector.

In response to a question, the UAE Minister affirmed that it is not possible to work except for the return of Syria to its regional arena and its important role at the Arab League.

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