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Damascus University, Embassy of Venezuela commemorate Chavez demise


Damascus, SANA- Damascus University and the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela commemorated on Monday the eighth anniversary of the demise of late Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, as a monument was inaugurated for him inside the campus and a wreath of flowers was put on it.

Later, the two sides opened a painting exhibition hosted by the Faculty of Fine Arts within the first national painting competition under the title “Hugo Chavez,” that included about 25 paintings, and 7 participants were honoured.

Venezuelan Ambassador, Jose Biomorgi, said in a speech that the aim of the event was to acknowledge the contributions of late Chavez and his support for just causes, particularly the Syrian cause which presented to the world a lesson about resistance and struggle in the war against terrorism.


In a press statement to journalists, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Bassam Ibrahim, hailed Chavez’s stances, particularly towards Syria, pointing out to the deeply-rooted and friendly relations between the two countries.

In this context, Damascus University has named a garden inside the campus after President Chavez on April 17th, 2014 in appreciation for his patriotic history.

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