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Who Benefits From Death Of Dassault?


On March 7th evening, French politician and billionaire Olivier Dassault has died in a crash of his private helicopter in northwestern France. He was an heir of the French industrialist who led one of the county’s biggest defense companies. Passionate about aviation, he was professional pilot who has broken several world records.

The plane crashed at about 18:00 local time in the Calvados department near the city of Deauville. According to the local prosecutor of the Lisieux commune, Delphine Mienniel, an AS350 Squirrel helicopter crashed during take-off. The pilot also died in the accident.

The air transport gendarmerie launched an investigation into manslaughter.

Who Benefits From Death Of Dassault?

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Olivier Dassault was the grandson of Marcel Dassault, a founder of the aerospace corporation Dassault Aviation, which produces business jets, military aircraft, including Rafale fighters and Falcone business jets, develops space satellites. Since 1986, he was Deputy Director of the Europe Falcon Service, and later became strategic director of the civil aviation division of Dassault Aviation. He was on track to take the reins of the corporation but shortly before his father’s death he resigned as chairman of the group’s supervisory board because he said the role was incompatible with his parliamentary duties. He had, however, remained a director of Dassault Aviation.

A few days before his death the director of Dassault made loud claims that, despite significant losses in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the corporation is entering new markets.

After the new Greek order, in addition to the calls for tenders in Switzerland and Finland which must be resolved in 2021, many countries, including Indonesia and Croatia, are interested in supplies. Moreover, the launch this year of a new business jet was confirmed, as the company’s latest model, the Falcon 6X, just rolled out last December and will make its first flight soon.

Olivier Dassault was also known for his political activity. Since 2002, he has served as a deputy in the National Assembly. He was a member of the conservative party “Republicans”. He was also a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and vice-chairman of the France-Saudi Arabia Friendship Group.

His policies contradicted to the growing globalist agenda. Having a significant influence, Olivier Dassault was an important figure of the French right-wing. He had as well an important influence on the public opinion, as his family controls the oldest French national daily Le Figaro. Despite advocating the death penalty and prohibition of same-sex marriages, Olivier Dassault was one of the leading defenders of French national industry.

While there are no official statements about the reasons for the crash, the possibility of assassination should not be ruled out.



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