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Syrian community in Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States renew standing by homeland

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 Moscow, Amman, SANA- Members of the Syrian Arab community in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have renewed their standing by their homeland and its leadership till achieving victory over the aggressors.

In a statement on the 85th anniversary of March 8th Revolution, members of the community asserted their determination to face the enemies of the homeland who are trying to undermine it and who hide under the cover of democracy and false freedom which has been plotted by owners of the “Greater Middle East” scheme, on top the imperialism and global Zionism and those who are subordinate to them of states and governments, forces and terrorist organizations.

Members of the community, stressed that they will spare no efforts in defending their homeland, and they will not allow anyone to undermine their determination.

On the same occasion, the Jordanian Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party (JASBP), in a statement, affirmed that March 8th Revolution has put Syria on the road of national struggle, on top, the struggle in the face of the Zionist enemy which has usurped the Palestinian territory.

The statement added “March 8th Revolution has adopted the qualitative change approach in the social, political, economic, educational and scientific domains, and it has laid a solid basis for a new stage pf struggle for Syria and the Arab nation.”

It noted that Syria has remained resilient and it has achieved subsequent victories over the global aggression and its tools of terrorist organizations despite of what they enemies possess of weapons, money and terrorists from different parts of the world.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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