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Jollanar band performs a folkloric show at Culture Palace in Homs

Homs, SANA Jollanar dance band performed folkloric shows mixed with poems that praise the beauty and glority of Syria at the Culture Palace in Homs.

Thirty male and female dancers participated in the show that included a combination of paintings traveling among provinces through songs, dances and costumes inspired by their respective heritage with poems that reflect Arab glorious traditions such as generosity, hospitality and courage.alt

Ali Hamdan, director of the show, told SANA reporter that the concert is presented for the first time in Homs to reflect richness of Syria that extends throughout history.

He dded that the band was inspired by the diversity of folklore, culture and civilization that Syria enjoys.

Jollanar Dance band was established in 1997. It comprises 60 dancers of different ages. It is interested in Syrian heritage and folklore and has many theatrical work.

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