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Arnous calls for intensifying efforts to implement service, developmental projects in Sweida

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister, Eng. Hussein Arnous has underlined the importance of full coordination and intensifying joint efforts between the executive and legislative authorities to follow up the implementation of the service and developmental projects and to cooperate in overcoming the obstacles facing them, and finding suitable solutions for them in a way that would achieve the public interest and contribute to facing the economic siege imposed on Syria.

Arnous’ remarks came during a meeting held on Thursday with MPs representing Sweida Province.

The Premier said that the government’s efforts focus on implementing the plans and schemes mentioned in the ministerial statement and continuing to carry out the projects which would contribute to improving the living and service conditions of the citizens and alleviating the burdens of the currents conditions which have resulted from the unjust siege imposed in the Syrian people.

He added that the required amounts of flour have been ensured so as to meet the needs of citizens, and work is underway to secure the local need of oil derivatives.

Arnous asserted that the government is ready to provide facilitations for investors and to attract the expatriate investors with the aim of restoring the economic activity and bettering the situations in Sweida Province in different domains.

The MPs’ interventions focused on continuing the work at Tamiko project in the industrial zone in Umm al-Zeitoun, accelerating the implementation of the railway linking Damascus and Sweida and resuming the work on the completion of the al-Mushannaf power transmission station.

The discussions also tackled means of securing more engineering machinery for the reclamation of arable lands, and creating a laboratory for chemical analyzes to examine fruit samples, especially apples as well as the establishment of a factory for dairy and cheese.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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