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ISIS Shares Photos From Recent Attacks In Nigeria’s Borno


ISIS Shares Photos From Recent Attacks In Nigeria’s Borno

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On March 1, ISIS news agency Amaq shared photos from recent attacks by by the group’s fighters in the northeaster Nigerian state of Borno.

The attacks targeted units, posts and convoys of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) in the towns of Minuk, Mangungu, Cross Kauwa, Gurgi, Garo, Guniri, Uno and Jakana.

Amaq’s photos show the bodies of seven service members who were killed in the attacks. Three pickups, an armored vehicle and loads of weapons, which were captured by ISIS during the attacks, can be also seen in the photos.

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ISIS has been intensifying its attacks in Borno for the last few weeks. On March 3, the group announced that its fighters had stormed the towns of Dkua and Bukarty.

ISIS terrorists killed nine Nigerian service members during the attacks in the two towns, which targeted several posts, government buildings and UN facilities. The terrorists also burned 12 armored vehicles and captured four pickups.

Despite making much efforts, Nigerian government forces are yet to contain ISIS’ growing threat in Borno. The terrorist group, which is getting bolder, may soon attempt to hold ground.



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