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Health Ministry to launch nationwide anti-polio vaccination campaign next Sunday

Damascus, SANA- The Health Ministry on Sunday will launch the first nationwide anti-polio vaccination campaign, and it will target children under-5 years of age regardless of their previous vaccinations.

In a statement, the Ministry said that the campaign will start next Sunday March 7 and it will last till March 11, adding that it will be carried out at the health centers in different provinces and through mobile teams along with taking all the required precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign aims to reach about 2.8 million children in different provinces, and all the technical and logistic preparations have been taken to launch the campaign and to reach all the children who are under five of age as about 9,100 health works will participate in the campaign, according to the statement.

The Ministry affirmed that the vaccine is safe and for free and it is recommended by the World Health Organization, adding that taking the vaccine doesn’t affect the immune system’s response to Covid-19.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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