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Syrian-Iranian forum to boost scientific, economic and technological cooperation

Damascus, SANA- A technological trade forum was held on Tuesday in Damascus which brought together the managers and representatives of about forty Iranian companies in various technical, medical, engineering and industrial domains with heads and representatives of a number of scientific and research institutions and Syrian economic activities.


The forum, organized by the Iranian Center for Advanced Technology /The Iranian House of Creativity and Technology/ was held at Sheraton Damascus Hotel. It screened a film about Iranian technologies in the medical, engineering and industrial fields and the developments that have followed them.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Bassam Ibrahim, said in a speech that Syria is always looking forward to developing its relations with Iran and signing more agreements on the scientific, trade, economic and industrial levels, hailing the scientific progress that Iran achieved in the field of producing nanotechnologies, gaining the first place in the region and the fourth in the world.

Vice-Iranian President for Scientific and Technical Affairs, Sorena Sattari, talked about Iran’s scientific experiences during the recent years and the role of specialized human resources in shifting its economy to a modern and developed economy which is able to face the unjust Western blockade.


“We have limitless desire to exchange technologies with Syria, and economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries is open, and tomorrow we will open the Iranian Center for Innovation and Technology in Syria,” the Iranian official said.

For his part, the Iranian Ambassador in Damascus, Javad Turkabadi, hoped that the current visit of the Iranian delegation would be a good step in the framework of bilateral cooperation in the technological field and contribute to scientific, economic and commercial development that would be positively reflected on the interests of the two countries.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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