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Latest Updates on Iraq, 1 March 2021

Monday, 1 March 2021 - 21:20


– At least 5 PMU members were killed while defusing an ISIS VBIED in the al-Mudham area, southwest of Haditha in Anbar province.

– An ISIS leader was arrested by the Iraqi intelligence service in the city of Khanaqin in the Diyala province.

– The Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces arrested four ISIS terrorists in Fallujah and Taji after receiving information about the movement and presence of ISIS operatives in the area.

– Demonstrators set fire to the Diwaniyah provincial council office in southern Iraq.

– For the second day in a row, the PMU forces and the Iraqi Army continued to clear ISIS hideouts in northeastern Diyala.

– Three ISIs members were killed by the PMU in Jurf al-Nasr.

– The PMU forces and the Iraqi Army launched a joint security operation southwest of Kirkuk and another joint operation north of Khanaqin.

– Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone flew in the northern regions of Iraq yesterday.

– Continuation of protests in Naseriyah
Since yesterday, the Iraqi army has been deployed to control the situation in the city.

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