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Sabotage Attack Targets Gas Pipeline In Eastern Syria (Video)


Sabotage Attack Targets Gas Pipeline In Eastern Syria (Video)

An oil field near the town of Deriq, Syria.

Early on February 27, unidentified saboteurs blew up one of Syria’s main gas pipeline in the government-held part of the eastern region.

The Syrian Arab News Agency said that the al-Jabbsah-al-Rayan pipeline in the countryside of Deir Ezzor was put out of service as a result of the attack. Work is underway to fix the pipeline.

“Firefighters and maintenance workshops immediately begin working to put down the fire and fix the pipeline in order to pump gas again,” the Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources said in a statement.

No side has claimed responsibility for the sabotage attack, so far. Over the last few years, a number of attacks targeted Syrian energy facilities in the eastern, central and western regions.

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While ISIS claimed responsibility for some of the previous attacks, the perpetrators of the rest are yet to be identified. Many in Syria claim that the US was behind several of the attacks.

Sabotage Attack Targets Gas Pipeline In Eastern Syria (Video)

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Syria has been experiencing a shortage in energy and a serious economic crisis for the last three years. Damascus blames the currently situation on Western sanctions and the US occupation of natural resources in the northeastern region.



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