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ISIS Cells Attack Egyptian Army Unit, Damage Armored Vehicle In Sinai (Video)

[video src="https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/سحب_الجيش_المصري_مدرعة_معطوبة_في_شرق_قرية_الزهور_في_الشيخ_زويد_بسيناء.mp4" poster="https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/سحب_الجيش_المصري_مدرعة_معطوبة_في_شرق_قرية_الزهور_في_الشيخ_زويد_بسيناء.mp4"]


ISIS cells have carried out two attacks against Egyptian government forces in the Sinai Peninsula, where the terrorist group maintains a strong presence. 

On February 22, ISIS cells targeted an infantry fighting vehicle of the Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF) near the town of the al-Zuhur with an improvised explosive device. The town is located next to Sheikh Zuweid city in northern Sinai.

ISIS news agency, Amaq, claimed that several soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack. Later, the agency released a video showing the damaged IDF, a YPR-765 PRI, being towed by a M60 Patton battle tank.

On February 23, ISIS cells attacked a unit of the EAF near al-Gaghamin checkpoint, south of Sheikh Zuweid. According to Amaq’s claims, a service member was killed and at least two others were injured in the attack.

ISIS cells stepped up their operations in the Sinai Peninsula recently. Earlier this month, the terrorists group’s fighters raided a checkpoint of pro-government tribal forces near the town of al-Munajim in central Sinai. At least six tribesmen were killed and another was captured.

Egyptian government forces have been making immense effort to neutralize ISIS threat in the Sinai Peninsula for more than six years now. Nevertheless, the terrorist group is still active in the region.



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