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Putin: Enemies Want To Put Russia Under External Control, But They Will Fail


Putin: Enemies Want To Put Russia Under External Control, But They Will Fail


Russia has become a target of the ongoing ‘containment’ and ‘provocations’ campaign, President Vladimir Putin stated on February 24 speaking at the Russian Federal Security Service panel.

“There is a targeted information campaign against us, with opinionated groundless accusations related to a whole range of issues. They are already resorting to absurd, I would even say anecdotal conspiracy theories. For example, we have recently witnessed attempts to cast discredit on our medical achievements, including in the fight against coronavirus,” Putin said.

According to the Russian president, “some countries are not even trying to conceal their unfriendly approach, as they pursue information campaigns based on conspiracy theories.”

“We are…facing the so-called Russia containment policy. Actually, this has long been a well-known fact. I am not referring to competition, which is natural in international relations, I am talking about a consistent aggressive policy aimed at hampering our development, bringing it to a halt, … provoking domestic instability and undermining values that unite the Russian society,” Putin told the Russian Federal Security Service.

At the same time, he stressed that many countries are friendly towards Russia’s results in the epidemiological area and are ready for cooperation and Moscow welcomes this.

The president repeated his often statement that it is possible to solve global problems only by joining forces. However, he said many attempts at provocations are being made abroad.

“They do not even try to hide the unfriendly attitude towards Russia and a number of other independent sovereign centers of world development. But the matter is far from such aggressive rhetoric, but real practical actions,” the head of state stressed.

Putin emphasized that Russia is facing a consistent and aggressive policy aimed at disrupting the country’s development and creating problems along its perimeter. Putin added that this is being done to “ultimately weaken Russia and put it under external control.”

The campaign against Russia includes not only permanent informational aggression but also active actions of foreign special services.

Putin reminded that in December 2020, security forces eliminated the last organized militant group in the North Caucasus was liquidated. During the year, 72 terrorist attacks were prevented in the country.

Nonetheless, the Russian leader pointed the need to intensify efforts to uncover contacts between terrorists and foreign special services that use them for their own purposes.

In 2020 only, Russian security services uncovered and neutralized actions of 72 regular foreign intelligence officers and 423 agents.

The situation is also complex in the cyberspace. The number of large and dangerous cyber attacks Russian private and government resources has increased 3.5 times, according to the president. Therefore, Russia will develop and updated the strategy to protect national interests in the digital sphere.

Among the most important remarks, Putin once again recalled that the current Western strategy towards Russia that includes provocations and other hostile actions has no real prospects and will not work.

By this statement, the Russian leader demonstrated that his country is ready to continue protecting its national interests at any cost and further.



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