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Elixir exhibition celebrates 900 artworks from 35 countries, including Syria

Damascus-SANA- The Candles of Peace Association has chosen to name the elixir of its world exhibition, which was opened on Saturday at the Cultural Center in Kfarsousa with the participation of artists from 35 countries, including Syria.

The exhibition was opened with a poetic artistic festival on the stage of the Cultural Center in Kfarsousa, and the participants expressed their happiness at the opening of the exhibition as long as Syria is the land of love and peace.

Plastic artist Lina Rizk, head of the Candles of Peace Association, said that the exhibition presents the works of 900 artists from many countries, in addition to 91 Syrian artists from different provinces, as well as expatriate artists, where exhibite pictures of their work through video to be broadcast on social media.


Manar Salameh/MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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