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Guided Missile Hits US Forces Supply Convoy In Southern Iraq


Guided Missile Hits US Forces Supply Convoy In Southern Iraq

Comparative size of the armored HMMWV and the M-ATV. The ubiquitous “Hummer” was never meant to be an armored car, and hundreds were destroyed by IEDs in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

On February 18, a convoy moving supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition in Iraq was targeted with an anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).

According to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV, the convoy was targeted in the southern province of Basra. No casualties were reported as a result of the attack.

Iraqi sources reported that two other US-led coalition convoys were targeted on the same day. An Iraqi private military contractor was injured in one of the attacks. At least 26 convoys were attacked in the last two months.

While most recent attacks on US-led coalition convoys in Iraq were carried out with improvised explosive devices, the use of ATGMs was reported before. On October 1 of 2020, a convoy was targeted with a guided missile in the southern Iraqi province of al-Diwaniyah.

A number of Iraqi armed groups supporting Iran are behind the recent wave of attacks on US-led coalition convoys and troops in the country.

These attacks, which will not likely stop anytime soon, are meant to push US forces out from Iraq. However, this goal seems far. A day earlier, the NATO announced that it will be increasing its troops in Iraq from 500 to around 4,000. The US will contribute to the increase.



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