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Syrian, Iranian talks to enhance scientific cooperation

Damascus, SANA-Rector of Damascus university, Mohamad Yassar Abdeen, discussed on Tuesday with Mohamad Reda Hajian, Director of “Deepening and Consolidating popular relations between Syria and Iran Project” scientific cooperation between Damascus University and the Iranian counterpart in the political, economic administration and law fields.

The two sides held talks about mechanisms student exchange, joint scientific research, and scientific agreements signed between them.alt

Dr. Abdeen said that Damascus University is ready to correlate with the Iranian side in the fields of law, political, administrative and economic sciences due to the importance of these specializations in the progress and development of institutions in any country.

In turn, Dr. Hajian expressed the Iranian side desire to expand cooperation with the University of Damascus and support it in the field of offering scholarships to graduate students and contribute to qualifying teachers with specializations.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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