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Coronavirus infection cases drop, suspected ones decline from 50 to 70% at Damascus hospitals

Damascus, SANA-The official coronavirus infection toll, announced by Health ministry, registers a significant decrease during this February in comparison with registered cases in last January, meanwhile the suspected cases which are admitted to the hospitals decrease.

According to Health Ministry statistics, the first half of last January recorded 1508 infections compared to 858 ones as from the beginning of February until yesterday.

Director of Damascus National Hospital, Ahmed Abbas, pointed out that the hospital witnessed 60 % decrease in suspected cases of coronavirus, indicating that 6 to 12 persons are currently reviewing the hospital with a suspected case of the virus, while about 25 people were reviewing the hospital.

Dr. Abbas added that the number of patients in the isolation department was 8, of which 2 were in the intensive care, compared to about 27 patients in the same period last month.

Meanwhile, Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital recorded a decrease in the admitted cases by 5 %,  according to its director, Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, who indicated that 2 to 3 persons visit the hospital daily with symptoms similar to those of coronavirus infection, compared to about 10 ones last month.

He added that the number of patients currently in the isolation department is 13 ones with moderate to severe infections, while during the last month there were about 35 patients.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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