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‘Alternative Reality News’: U.S. Navy Claims Dual-Carrier Drills Near China Are Not Intended To Prov


'Alternative Reality News': U.S. Navy Claims Dual-Carrier Drills Near China Are Not Intended To Provoke Beijing

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Finally, it became clear for the entire democratic world. If one state sends two aircraft carriers close to your shores to hold military drills, this is a friendly move. Those who claimed that this could be a provocation should be ashamed.

Rear Adm. Doug Verissimo said that the recent drills involving the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz strike groups took place in the South China Sea were in no way related to threatening China.

“The fact that we came together in the South China Sea was based on our navigation plan and making the most efficient route to and from our areas,” Verissimo, the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group said.

Rear Adm. James Kirk that led the USS Nimitz said the dual-carrier drill was “not in response to any nation or event,” but meant to “improve our readiness levels in the region.”

Apparently, Chinese communist propaganda was easily defeated by these clear, straight and truthful statements.



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