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Iraqi security forces discover the location of rocket launcher attacked Erbil Airport + Images

Tuesday, 16 February 2021 - 09:15


ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) security forces, in cooperation with the United States, discovered the site where the rockets were fired at Erbil Airport last night.

Pictures of the rocket launch site are being released without specifying its exact location. However, it appears that as statement of the Saraya Oliya al-Dam group, the shooting site is 7 km from the US military base near Erbil International Airport.

It is worth noting that the attack took place near the city of Erbil, and this is the first time that Iraqi resistance forces have targeted US positions from inside areas controlled by the Iraqi Kurdish region.

A US-led coalition spokesman also confirmed the attack stating on a tweet that one civilian contractor was killed and 9 others were injured including 5 US military personnel.

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