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Churchill Labeled ‘White Supremacist’ By Leading British Scholars


Churchill Labeled 'White Supremacist' By Leading British Scholars

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a white supremacist leading an empire “worse than the Nazis” – claimed an academic panel at a Cambridge college named in honor of wartime Prime Minister and established with his help in 1958.

According to the London Telegraph this statement was proclaimed during the discussion titled “Racial Consequences of Mr. Churchill”. The panelists argued that Churchill was “the perfect embodiment of white supremacy”, while the British Empire was “poorer than the Third Reich”, adding that the fact Britain was ‘virtuous’ in comparison to the Nazis was a “problematic narrative”.

Churchill was labeled “The perfect embodiment of white supremacy”, and accused of racism and complicity in the Bengal Famine which killed three million Indians.

Professor Kehinde Andrews stated that “The British Empire far worse than the Nazis and lasted far longer,” implying that the white supremacist views dominate in the post-Imperial Britain so far.

Britain’s contribution to defeating the Nazis in World War II has been questioned.

According to The Telegraph, fellow panelist Dr Onyeka Nubia noted that Churchill’s “History of the English Speaking Peoples” made use of the language of white supremacy through the veiled terms “English Speaking Peoples” and “Anglo-Saxon”.

The claims by Cambridge panel of scientists were condemned by a number of specialists, who argued that their aim was only to “vilify” Churchill, who did his best to eliminate Bengal Famine and fight slavery.

Andrew Roberts, author of “Churchill: Walking with Destiny”: “A white supremacist wants bad things to happen to non-whites… Churchill fought to protect the hundreds of millions of non-whites in the Empire.”

“In his political career he fought again and again against slavery and for the rights of non-whites within the British Empire. Churchill was moreover instrumental in destroying the worst racist in history, Adolf Hitler.”

Churchill Labeled 'White Supremacist' By Leading British Scholars

Prof. Priyamvada Gopala

The Cambridge discussion was chaired by Professor Priyamvada Gopala. In 2020, she tweeted that “white lives don’t matter… as white lives”, which brought her notoriety. Her claim was deleted under ‘hate speech’ rules, but she was defended and even promoted by Cambridge University.

Cambridge was also among the world leading Universities named by education focused think tank Civitas in its study that unveiled that free speech in higher educational institution is being eroded due to the grow of ‘cancel culture’.

The ‘cancel culture’ that is actively spreading in Universities is pushing the race activists in mostly Western countries and supports revisionist history. The revisionists push emotional speech that can be easily accepted by the masses, but they are biased and are often accused in gerrymanding.



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