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US occupation evacuates site at Tal Alou silos in Yarubiya, Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA – US occupation forces evacuated a site in Tal Alou Silos in Hasaka countryside and moved their equipment and vehicles to Iraqi lands.

SANA reporter quoted local sources as saying that US occupation forces started on Friday moving their vehicles, military equipment and soldiers from their site at Tal Alou silos in Al-Yarubiya area near the Iraqi border.

The sources noted that the occupation forces completely evacuated the site on Friday afternoon, and moved their vehicles, military equipment and soldiers positioned in the place heading  Iraqi lands via illegitimate al-Yarubiya crossing.

The evacuation of US occupation to the site  comes few days after bringing in soldiers and military equipment from Iraqi lands to its bases in Hasaka countryside.

Hybah Sleman / Mazen

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