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Syria receives first batch of humanitarian aid shipment offered by India

Lattakia, SANA- Syria received on Thursday the first batch of a humanitarian aid shipment consisting of 2,000 tons of Indian rice offered by the government and people of the Republic of India.


Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf, Chairman of the Higher Relief Committee, said that the aid represents a sincere expression of cooperation and friendship that connect the two countries, especially at this stage during which the country is exposed to a terrorist war synchronized by unilateral coercive measures.

The Minister added that the assistance of rice will be delivered to the people affected by terrorism in all cities, and it is part of a wide package of cooperation through which India expresses its support for Syria, including training the specialized cadres and scholarships, the lates of which was on yesterday by re-launching Syrian -Indian Distinction Center for IT New Generation.


For his part, Indian ambassador in Damascus, Hifzur Rahman, indicated that relations between India and Syria were and are still historic and have been boosted by the exchange of visits at highest levels, especially during the recent years.

The Ambassador affirmed that India still supports Syria through finding a solution through dialogue, based on sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

He added that the war in Syria has caused damage to the infrastructure and economy, then followed by the spread of the Corona virus.

“All that has affected, to a big deal, the social and economic situation, so, India would have to contribute to restoring the conditions to normal and share in the reconstruction process,” the Indian Ambassador added.

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