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Syrian -Indian Distinction Center for New Generation IT re-launched in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- Indian Embassy in Damascus, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Technology, announced on Wednesday re-launching the Indian-Syrian Distinction Center for IT (New Generation) after raising its level, in a reception organized at the Dama Rose Hotel.


Indian embassy told SANA in a statement that the Indian government is committed to equip the center’s offices and the necessary work stations in addition to the required tools and software, adding that the Indian Advanced Computing Development Center (SIDAC) will also provide training certificates, equipment, textbooks.

Nearly 700 trainees have graduated from the center, which was launched in Syria in 2010, and it completed 43 training courses
, but, as a result of the terrorist war to which Syria was exposed, the Indian experts left the country at the end of 2011, and the center could not continue its work.

The Indian ambassador in Damascus, Hifzur Rahman, affirmed that the center’s goal is to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria by developing the human resources required in the information technology sector, which will boost a long-term partnership between the two countries.

He added that his country’s government is working to build abilities for friendly and partner countries in various fields, including delegating Indian experts and establishing professional training centers.

Manar Salameh / MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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