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Latest Updates on Iraq, 5 February 2021

Friday, 5 February 2021 - 19:23


– Martyrdom of several Hashad Sha’abi forces in Naft Khane area, Diyala province due to ISIS attack. Following Hashad Sha’abi operation in the area several ISIS terrorists killed.

– Masoud Barzani meeting with British ambassador in Baghdad. British ambassador stressed on the support of his country for Kurdistan Iqlim and Peshmarga militants.

– Security operation Aswad al-Jazirah of Iraqi forces in west of the country.

– Human Rights Commission of Iraq reported that there are 400 Iraqi Turkmen women in eastern and northern parts of Syria including Raqqah, Hasakah and Afrin who were abducted before.

– Neutralizing ISIS attack in Jurf al-Nasr area by Hashad Sha’abi.

– Iraqi High Electoral Commission reported several countries including Saudi Arabia are willing to observe the following election in Iraq.

– 22 ISIS terrorists killed in south of Kirkuk by Iraqi airforce air raids. Large amount of explosives were discovered in the area.

– Iraqi FM, Fuad Masum, visiting Iran. He met with Iranian FM and Iran’s Security Council Secretary.

– Jordanian PM visiting Iraq and meeting with Iraqi PM, Mustafa Al Kadhimi. Several bilateral contracts were signed.

– Several villages in Sulaymaniyah provinces north of Iraq, were bombed by Turkish warplanes.

– Two ammo warehouses of ISIS were discovered in Anbar desert. 11 suicide belt were discovered.

– A roadside bomb exploded en route a logistics caravan of terrorist Americans.

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