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Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 5 February 2021

Friday, 5 February 2021 - 19:00


1- Qandahar
– In the Army and Taliban conflict in districts of Arghandab, Dand and Khakriz 31 killed, 3 injured and 17 mines and booby traps were neutralized.
– General Yasin Zia, Afghanistan chief of staff, visited Qandahar bases and ordered to strengthen the 205th corps.
– Imam of a mosque was assassinated by armed individuals in the 9th district of Qandahar town.
– Afghanistan airforce raided Taliban positions in west of Qandahar. (image)

2- Helmand
Due to Afghanistan airforce air raid to Taliban forces in Nawah district, eight Taliban militants including a commander was killed.

3- Balkh
– Due to Taliban and army conflict in Chahar Bolak district 15 Taliban militants killed, 15 wounded and 2 arrested.
– Due to airforce air raid to a vehicle carrying high rank Taliban militants in Chahar Bolak district 5 Taliban militants killed.

4- Qunduz
Due to Afghanistan airforce air raid to two Taliban strongholds in Imam Sahib district, seven Taliban militants killed and four wounded.

5- Zabul
Due to the army operation in Qalat district (center of Zabul province) and Safa area seven Taliban militants killed and their HQ and nine vehicles and many weapons and ammo destroyed.

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