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Quneitra Education rehabilitates 13 schools with a cost of SYP 600 million

Quneitra, SANA- With a cost reached SYP 600 million, Quneitra Education Directorate finished the rehabilitation works of 13 of its schools in Damascus province and its countryside and managed to put them into service.

Director of Education, Imad Al-Asa’d, told SANA’s reporter in a statement that the technical workshops have completed the maintenance and rehabilitation works in 13 schools during the current academic year, indicating that the Directorate’s plan for the current year includes rehabilitation of 48 schools in the gatherings of Quneitra children in Damascus and its countryside and on the province’s land with an estimated cost of SYP one billion and four hundred million.

Head of the School Buildings Department, Eng. Omar Al-Omar, indicated that the 13 schools that were rehabilitated include about 150 classroom and administrative halls and other facilities.

Manar Salameh /Hala Zain

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