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New Nigerian Army Commander Vows To Eliminate Boko Haram With Russian Help


New Nigerian Army Commander Vows To Eliminate Boko Haram With Russian Help

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The Nigerian Chief of Defense Staff, Major General Lucky Eluonye Onyenuchea Irabor vowed to completely defeat Boko Haram.

He made his claim in a recent meeting with security officials in Maiduguri.

This was part of a report by El Watan News, citing another report by Euronews on Boko Haram terror attacks.

The report indicated that the Nigerian army commander, during a meeting of the leadership with the security forces in the town of Maiduguri in the northeastern province of Borno.

Irabor confirmed that the recent changes to be made would tighten the screws on the terrorist group Boko Haram, and cooperation will be strong with the armies of Chad, Cameroon, Niger and neighboring countries to get rid of Boko Haram terrorists.

Furthermore, it appears that Boko Haram is still in close coordination with ISIS and continues its terrorist acts, kidnappings, mass killings, and attacks on military and civilians throughout Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

Boko Haram is responsible for the killing of 36,000 Nigerians, and its terrorist base is located in the Sambian forest in the northeastern province of Borno.

According to the report, Nigeria is requesting help from Russian mercenaries.

The operation bases in Nigeria to confront Boko Haram, and there are reports of military advisors arriving at Abudga, and the preparation to launch anti-terror operations against Boko Haram, and this indicates that the movement to confront Boko Haram has already begun, praising the ability of the Russian mercenaries to confront terrorist elements and assist the Nigerian army.

Major General Irabor just recently became the Chief of Defense Staff.

Irabor has held several appointments in the course of his career.

Notable amongst which are Nigerian Defence Academy Adjutant, Commanding Officer 515 Signal Regiment, Commander 53 Signals Brigade and Principal Staff Officer to the Chief of Army Staff.

Others include Coordinator, Nigerian Army Aviation, Deputy Theatre Commander/Land Component Commander, Operation LAFIYA DOLE, Theatre Commander Operation LAFIYA DOLE.

Force Commander MNJTF, Chief of Defense Training and Operations, and until his appointment as the Chief of Defense Staff was the Commander Training and Doctrine Command, Nigerian Army.

He also planned and executed the conduct of Operations CRACK DOWN 1 and 2, RESCUE FINALE and DEEP PUNCH, which led to the clearance of SAMBISA FOREST, destruction of BHT camps and enclaves, capture of several weapons, vehicles and equipment, belonging to BHT as well as rescued well over 20,000 civilians abducted by terrorists, including two Chibok girls.

As such he has ample experience in actually dealing with the Boko Haram and ISIS terrorists.

Russia-linked mercenaries have a rich experience in fighting terrorism and extremism, and the most hardcore one such as ISIS.

As such, involving specialists such as them in training the Nigerian soldiers and planning operations could help the Nigerian armed forces achieve a somewhat lasting success in the field and destroy much of terrorist infrastructure in the area.

Nonetheless, the threat of extremism and radicalization will remain even in this case because of the complex social and security situation in the region.

The region needs strict policies that also attempt and combat radicalization and extremism, that go hand-in-hand with the anti-terrorist operation.

New Nigerian Army Commander Vows To Eliminate Boko Haram With Russian Help

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  • In late January 2021, a Group of Chibok schoolgirls who were abducted 7 years ago by Boko Haram reportedly released after Nigerian Army operation in the Sambisa Forest

  • On February 1st, Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Leo Irabor said that Russian Private Military contractors will be deployed in Nigeria to assist in the lasting defeat Boko Haram during a meeting in Maiduguri



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