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Syrian-Iraqi talks to enhance cooperation in the fight against terrorism

Baghdad, SANA-Iraqi Interior Minister, Othman al-Ghanmi, discussed on Saturday with the Syrian Ambassador in Baghdad, Sattam Jada’an al-Dandah, means of strengthening bilateral relations, particularly in the field of combating terrorism.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry said, in a statement to SANA reporter, that the two sides discussed means of enhancing bilateral relations and fields related to the security side and exchange of information and experiences.

The statement pointed out that Ambassador al-Dandah praised the positive results achieved by the security cooperation and exchange of information between the two countries during the previous years.

The Ambassador said that the both sides discussed ways of strengthening security measures and fortification of the joint borders between the two countries in addition to facilitating residency procedures for Syrian citizens in Iraq.

He affirmed that the cooperation in the field of combating terrorism between Syria and Iraq will lead to decisive results in the final eradication of terrorism in the two brotherly countries.

Ambassador al-Dandah added that this cooperation achieved tangible results in defeating terrorist organizations that have spread in the two countries and practiced various crimes such as murder, displacement and looting.

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