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Syrian, Iraqi talks to develop academic bilateral relations

Baghdad , SANA- Iraqi Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister, Nabil Kazem Abd Al-Saheb and the Syrian Ambassador in Baghdad, Sattam Jada’an al-Dandah, discussed means to develop the academic cooperation between the Iraqi and Syrian universities.

Minister Abd Al-Saheb pointed out to the possibility of developing scientific relations between the two countries according to an academic program that meet the scientific aspects in the two sides, according to a statement by Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education.

In turn, Ambassador al-Dandah affirmed the importance of developing the aspects of cooperation between Iraq and Syria scientifically, academically and culturally, and achieving the aspirations of the universities of the two countries.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Baghdad, the Ambassador said that the talks dealt with means of activating memos of understanding signed between the two countries, exchanging academic experiences, participating in scientific research and conferences.

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