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Joe Biden Seems To Have No Idea What He’s Doing. MSM Does Not Agree


Joe Biden Seems To Have No Idea What He's Doing. MSM Does Not Agree

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On January 21st, a video was shared on Twitter of Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president.

The video allegedly show Biden simply repeat what he was told in his earpiece.

It has since been removed from Twitter, and the associated account has been deleted, however MSM rushed to defend Biden’s honor and the narrative.

“Someone in Biden’s earpiece told him to salute the marines, and Biden just repeated the words ‘salute the marines,’ because he is so used to just repeating what comes from his earpiece. The marines were not saluted,” the tweet read.

As per the Washington Post, the longer, original video — which shows the same camera angle — also shows the arrival of Biden, his wife, Jill Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) and her husband, Doug Emhoff, at the Capitol the morning of Jan. 20.

“As for Biden saying “salute the Marines” as he passed through servicemen that flanked him, it’s just not the case.

After multiple viewings, we’re also able to make the determination that Biden did not utter the phrase “salute the Marines.” Instead, Biden remarked, “Good-looking Marines” as he passed through the Capitol doors.”

The C-Span video had a part of it on YouTube and also had similar comments.

“Biden fails to salute the Marines, hears the headset remind him to salute them and says it aloud,” read a caption on one YouTube video, which showed a snippet from C-Span’s live coverage of the Inauguration Day events. The caption was later removed.

It took multiple viewings to establish the truth, after all.

Another video is also on YouTube, which alleges that when signing his barrage of 17 executive orders after being inaugurated, Joe Biden doesn’t even have an idea what he’s signing.

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Of course, this comes down to speculation, since the sound quality is poor, but it is quite believable, based on past experience and odd behaviour and interviews of the 46th US President.

Regardless, this is in line with Vice President Kamala Harris saying that this was the “Harris Administration with Joe Biden,” and other odd statements by Biden himself about “faking an illness” and resigning, eventually.



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