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Damascus University, SCS sign memo of understanding on developing academic education

Damascus, SANA – Damascus university and Syrian Computer Society (SCS) signed on Monday a memo of understanding on developing and supporting the educational and academic process in the technical sector within the local environment.alt

The memo also stipulates providing universities with teaching appropriate requirements to meet the increasing needs and support university skilled students build human capabilities.

According to the memo, the two sides will cooperate in the field of remote education systems and content management in a way to contribute to enhancing the role of information technology in education and supporting the production of educational content.alt

Rector of Damascus university, Mohamad Yassar Abden, told SANA that cooperation with the Syrian Computer society is    permanent and continuous, adding meantime, the cooperation would be extended to include the topic of technologies in general within the university.

He added that the work is underway to develop the website of the university as one of the most important items in the classification of the universities.

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