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Syrian Army 4th Division Steps Up Security Measures In Western Daraa


Syrian Army 4th Division Steps Up Security Measures In Western Daraa

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) elite 4th Division has reinforced checkpoints and established new posts in the western Daraa countryside, local sources reported on January 23.

Earlier this week, the 4th Division deployed reinforcements in Daraa. Hundreds of troops and at least ten battle tanks were sent from the capital, Damascus, to the southern governorate’s city center.

According to the Horan Free League, the troops reinforced the following checkpoints in western Daraa:

  • A checkpoint near the town of Khrab al-Shahm;

  • A checkpoint between the towns of al-Yadudah and Muzayrib;

  • A checkpoint north of Muzayrib ;

  • A checkpoint near the town of al-Ajmi.

The newly-deployed troops also established two military posts near Jellin Residential Complex and on a road between the town of Tafas and Daraa city.

The Horan Free league said the 4th Division is implementing a two-phase plan to step up security in the western Daraa countryside. Under the plan, large forces will be deployed from Daraa city all the way to the town of al-Shajarah which is located near the border with Jordan and the Israeli-occupied al-Golan Heights.

These new, strict measures are meant to improve security in Daraa. More than 45 attacks took place in the governorate since the start of 2021.



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