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Provocateurs Instigate Violence During Anti-Government Protest In Moscow As State Department Cries F

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The leadership and sponsors of the Russian neo-liberal/pro-Western opposition at least partly achieved what they want triggering some clashes and violence during protests in Moscow.

The ‘opposition’ employed mobile organized groups of provocateurs, which were attacking police officers in an attempt to instigate large-scale violence. Police were actively working to neutralize them. For example, the video below shows how a man atatcks police officers and then tries to hide in the crowd. This tactic is aimed at provoking clashes between riot police and protesters.

Russian media repot that the attackers used pieces of ice and other improvised means. They tried to knock police officers down and drag them into the crowd. Attempts to seize special equipment from the security forces were also noted. Information about the victims has not yet been reported.

According to MSM, the number of participants in rallies in Moscow is about 10,000. Taking into account a large number of minors tricked into events via large-scale propaganda campaign in social media, journalists, bloggers and just ‘free walkers’, the real amount is even less than even this, likely exaggerated, number. This situation shows that the Western-controlled Russian opposition has no real support among the population despite attempts to paint the ongoing events like the large-scale rebellion against the government.

Pro-opposition media outlets clam that the total number of protesters detained across the entire country is over 800.

Protesters clash with Police:

To provide some context, the official population of Moscow is almost 12 million. The de-facto population is likely over 14 million. This shows that the neo-liberal/pro-Western opposition in fact has no real support among the population. The core of ‘opposition supporters’ during rallies is hired radicals, youth with no permanent job, hardcore neo-liberals, minorities of various kinds and people that do not associate themselves with the Russian nation and state.

An ordinary Russian partiot according to the ‘Russian opposition’:

Provocateurs Instigate Violence During Anti-Government Protest In Moscow As State Department Cries Foul About ‘Democracy’ And 'Universal Rights'

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‘Protesting Russians’ with a flag of the Belarusian anti-government protests:

Provocateurs Instigate Violence During Anti-Government Protest In Moscow As State Department Cries Foul About ‘Democracy’ And 'Universal Rights'

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Protesters beat an opponent of Navalny and threw him from a street-lamp:

The situation did not go without public and blatant foreign meddling. Mainstream social media artificially contribute to the spread of anti-Russian information.

The US State Department is also in action. It already declared that ‘the administration of Biden and Haris’ supports anti-government protests in Russia and demanded to release Alexey Navalny, the formal leader of the neo-liberal opposition. Navalny was recently detained due to his blatant violations of the conditions of the probationary period, since he had previously been conditionally sentenced to 5 years in the so-called “Yves Rocher case” (Aleksei and Oleg Navalny were convicted of stealing about $500,000 from two Russian firms, one of which was affiliated with French cosmetics company Yves Rocher and of laundering part of the amount). After being discharged from the Charité hospital in September, he ignored summons to the Penitentiary Inspectorate, where he had to appear twice a month.

Forces behind attempts to destabilize Russia as well as Navalny himself knew well that because of this he will be detained when he returns to Russia. Nonetheless, the facts are ignored and the entire case is being painted as a kind of ‘political persecutions’ in Russia. The fun fact is that this is being done by the United States administration that just recently called a half of its own population ‘domestic terrorists’ and ‘fascists’ because these US citizens did not support the establishment of the neo-liberal totalitarianism in the country.

Despite the lack of successes on December 23, there are no doubts that this was just a test case in the front of the coming large-scale campaign to undermine stability in Russia and destroy its statehood. This campaign has never really stopped, but in the current conditions, it is expected that it will be intensified.



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