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Antifa Riots Throughout, As U.S. Leftists Call For Secret Police To Track Dissidents


On January 21st, to ‘celebrate’ US President Joe Biden’s inauguration, left-wing Antifa members took to the streets of various United States cities.

There are also reports of Antifa members planning to attack Trump supporters this week.

A local Portland news station, KATU, reported that the protest in the city is called the “J20 protest.”

There have been reports that some of the demonstrators have attacked police officers.

“The group of roughly 100 people started marching north shortly after 3 p.m. and reached the Democratic Party of Oregon’s Portland headquarters shortly before 4 p.m.,” said KATU.

“Members of this group have been observed damaging the building. Anyone involved in criminal behavior, including vandalism and graffittiing is subject to arrest or citation,” Portland Police Bureau tweeted.

There were some interesting banners, such as this one:

Antifa Riots Throughout, As U.S. Leftists Call For Secret Police To Track Dissidents

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Antifa Riots Throughout, As U.S. Leftists Call For Secret Police To Track Dissidents

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Antifa Riots Throughout, As U.S. Leftists Call For Secret Police To Track Dissidents

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And another that read: “We Don’t Want Biden – We Want Revenge!”

In addition to Portland, in Seattle there are also riots.

There is looting, burning, destruction of public and private property going on in Seattle.

MSM and the US federal government claimed that imminent threats of right-wing violence were coming during the presidential inauguration at state capitol buildings, nothing happened that was significant in reporting.

The violence and chaos came from “their own side.”

The Antifa website also redirected to the White House website, as of 18:00 CET on January 21st, it still did.

In MSM outlet the Daily Beast, Jeff Stein, who is the founding editor of Washington Post published an opinion piece.

The suggestion is this, “white terror” needs to be spied on by an internal agency.

Much similar to the NKVD and KGB back in the Soviet Union. Approximately 70-80 million Trump supporters are under threat of being spied on systematically.

There is apparently a big issue with conservatives expressing their opinions freely, in the open.

The solution is to create a new “secret police” (yes, he literally uses those words) in order to “infiltrate and neutralize armed domestic extremists,” which according to the media’s latest narrative potentially includes 70 million Trump voters.

Stein even compares the Capitol breach to 9/11, an attack that killed nearly 3,000 people, and argues that a similar response to that should be directly inwardly against American citizens directed by a new “domestic spy agency.”

“One response to the 9/11 tragedy may well get renewed attention after the Capitol assault—especially if armed white nationalists are successful in carrying out more attacks in the coming days and weeks: The call for a secret police,” he claims.

The existence of a “secret police” force that subverts constitutional norms to repress the population is of course a hallmark of all dictatorial regimes, but that doesn’t appear to bother self-proclaimed “progressives.”

“Hundreds of Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots, some of which entailed firing mortars at, firebombing, or burning down police stations, did not qualify as domestic terrorism. But the Capitol Riot was terrorism, due to the usual double standard,” points out Dave Blount.

Abill has already been introduced to empower federal law enforcement to better monitor and stop domestic extremist violence.

“It is not enough to just condemn hate, we need to equip law enforcement with the tools needed to identify threats and prevent violent acts of domestic terrorism,” said its sponsor, Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL). “The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act improves coordination between our federal agencies and makes sure they are focused on the most serious domestic threats,” he said.

In the article, Stein cites various neo-liberal proponents all claiming that the “disaster” in which 5 people died, and which led to massive censorship on all fronts is comparable to 9/11 when at least 3,000 people died.

In any event, says Ali Soufan, who pursued al-Qaeda operatives for years before 9/11 and he is the founder of the Soufan Center a neo-liberal “think-tank”, the real challenge is not bureaucratic, it’s “the lack of real political will to acknowledge the threat.” It’s a failure writ large by the refusal of several Republican Party leaders to denounce baseless conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election was stolen—even after the Capitol was sacked.

Abovementioned Dave Blount says it like it is, describing the situation that the neo-liberals are calling for. It won’t work with the FBI and the NSA, cause they’re not used to breaking the legs of dissidents, and more.

“Neither the FBI nor the NSA has the culture of brutal hostility toward their own country’s population needed to efficiently repress dissidents in the unfolding police state.”

In addition to a new secret police, some are calling for the creation of a Stasi-like citizen spy network that would recruit Biden supporters to spy on Trump supporters and grass them up to the authorities.

This is true democracy in action, the Soviet Union should be studied as an example of it in American school starting from this year.



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