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Iran To Propose NATO-Style Treaty To Like-Minded Allies


Iran To Propose NATO-Style Treaty To Like-Minded Allies

Iranian military officials inspect the underground missile base built on the shore of the Persian Gulf in southern Iran’s Hormozgan on January 8, 2021. Click to see full-size image

On January 18th, Iran’s parliament announced that it is preparing a draft resolution on a “defence and security treaty for the Axis of Resistance” which it will sign with its allies, states and non-state actors.

This organization will be alongside the “Axis of Resistance”. It includes Iran, Syria, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the Houthi-led government of Yemen, Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The aim of the “NATO-style” treaty is to oblige members to respond collectively to any attack on any members by Israel or other hostile states.

The deputy of Iran’s parliament, Abu Fadl Abu Trabi, said that work is currently underway to collect the necessary signatures so that the draft resolution can be approved for discussion and voting.

“When Israel attacks one of the Resistance Front countries or if Israel takes any action against this axis,” he explained, “the other member states of the group must exert all of their efforts in the military, economic and political aspects to ward off the threat.”

This report comes in addition to the Iranian parliament reportedly proposing a bill obliging successive Iranian governments to “take the necessary measures that lead to the elimination of Israel by March 2041.”

It also prohibits “any negotiations with the United States of America on non-nuclear issues” and has an article which stipulates that Iran must work to remove US forces from the region.

The draft bill is entitled “The conditions for negotiating with Washington and supporting Tehran’s allies”. It has 16 articles which set out the need to work towards breaking the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, the “return to Jerusalem” and “liberation of the [Syrian] Golan”. The draft also obliges Tehran to provide humanitarian aid and provisions once every three months to Yemen.

Donald Trump stepped down as US President, and his farewell strike didn’t take place, an significant escalation as a result of Washington’s “maximum pressure campaign” didn’t take place.

US President Joe Biden has vowed to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal, and a potential improvement, or at least something resembling a normalization could be on the horizon, between the US and Iran. Israel is also likely to not get as much support from Biden, as it got from Trump, and as such might be less aggressive in the region.



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