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Syrian-Iranian talks to enhance scientific cooperation between the two countries

Tehran-SANA, Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology,  Mansour Gholami discussed with the Syrian Ambassador in Tehran,  Shafiq Dayoub,  means to enhance bilateral cooperation in the scientific, technical and technological fields, and scientific research.

During the meeting, Minister Gholami stressed the need to develop scientific and research cooperation with Syria in the field of modern technologies and convey Iranian experiences in the field of technology, indicating that his country occupies advanced positions in many fields such as nanotechnology and biotechnology and it is among the top ten countries that excel in these two fields.

In turn, Ambassador Diayoub said that the scientific successes and achievements Iran has achieved is an example to be followed by other countries and through which can achieve great scientific successes, pointing out to the possibility of making use of the Iranian technology in Syria.

Shaza al Ashkar/Mazen Eyon

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