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Gift For Syria: Mig-29 Fighter Jets Spotted At Russia’s Hmeimim Air Base


Russia has deployed a number of Mig-29 fighters jets at Hmeimim Air Base on the Syrian coast, new satellite images revealed.

The satellite images, which were released by defense observer Obretix on January 15, show at least six Mig-29s parked in the western part of the Russian air base. The images were taken on January 12.

The version of the Mig-29s deployed at Hmeimim Air Base is unknown. The fighter jets may be of the advanced M\M2 model.

The fighter jets were likely deployed to support ongoing operations, to test new weapons and systems or to be handed over to the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF)

In June of 2020, Syria announced that it had received a “second batch” of Mig-29 fighter jets from Russia. The fighter jets were handed over to the SyAAF in an official ceremony held at Hmeimim Air Base.

Gift For Syria: Mig-29 Fighter Jets Spotted At Russia’s Hmeimim Air Base

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Russian military support has enabled Syrian government to recaptured vast parts of the country from terrorist groups since mid-2015.

Today, cooperation between the Russian and Syrian military is better than ever. Russian troops are actively operating throughout Syria to fight terrorism and promote stability.



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