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Militants Claim Their Strikes Killed 3 Russian Military Police Officers In Greater Idlib


Militants Claim Their Strikes Killed 3 Russian Military Police Officers In Greater Idlib

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On January 13, artillery of Turkish proxies carried out a series of artillery strikes on positions of the Syrian Army in the Zaytun camp near Hazarin village.

According to pro-militant sources, the strikes killed at least 3 officers of the Russian Military Police. Nonetheless, they were not able to provide any visual evidence to confirm their claims. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry, which usually reveals casualties among its personnel, did not report any incidents of this kind.

Therefore, militants’ claims are likely a usual example of war propaganda often employed by pro-militant media to keep the morale of members of terrorist groups and their supporters in Greater Idlib.

Recently, the situation on the contact line between Turkish proxies and the Syrian Army in southern Idlib and northern Lattakia deteriorated. Members of Turkish-backed terrorist groups regularly violate the ceasefire regime shelling positions of the Syrian Army. Government forces respond with pinpoint artillery strikes along the contact line, while Russian warplanes conduct strikes of the terrorist infrastructure inside the region.

Nonetheless, the issue of terrorist threat in Greater Idlib cannot be resolved as long as the area is in fact controlled by al-Qaeda-like factions that are supported by Turkey.

A brief summary of the recent developments in Syria:

  • On January 13, the US-led coalition conducted a military patrol in the city of Hasakah;

  • On January 13, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery shelled positions of Turkish-backed forces in Fatirah village;

  • On January 13, artillery of Turkish-backed forces shelled SAA positions in the Zaytun camp near Hazarin village. Opposition sources speculated that the strike killed 3 Russian Military Police members;

  • On January 13, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) handed over 7 children from the families of ISIS to the French delegation that visited Syria;

  • On January 13, unknown gunmen killed a former leader of the Deir Ezzor factions, “Ahmad Al-Alwan”, alongside 2 of his family members in the town of al-Basira.



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