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Total Blackout: MSM & Big Tech Censor Trump Live Speeches As House Of Representatives Passed Imp


Total Blackout: MSM & Big Tech Censor Trump Live Speeches As House Of Representatives Passed Impeachment Resolution


MSM and Big Tech went nuclear to cancel US President Donald Trump, push the impeachment against him and paint Trump supporters as ‘domestic terrorists’.

This is how the modern US media looks like. A “journalist’ just interrupt the Trump speech to blame him.

YouTube blocked a video with Trump’s speech claiming he uploaded a video that violates its polices.Trump will be banned from the platform for a week, effectively until the end of his presidency, with comments on all other videos on his channel also disabled indefinitely due to ‘safety concerns’.YouTube also stated that the suspension was enacted due to the ‘ongoing potential for violence’:

The further purge of any alternative points of view, including those by the acting US president, goes amid an attempt of the Democrats to impeach Mr. Trump before the end of his presidency, which officially ends in just a few days.

On January 13, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives adopted a resolution that would compel Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment accusing President Trump of instigating his supporters to attack on the Capitol. This happened despite the fact that in a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier in the evening, Mr. Pence rejected the effort.

The Democrats and liberals also claim that, with support from anti-Trump Republicans, they will have enough votes to push the impeachment in the Senate also. This move is intended to entrench the neo-liberalism and globalism as the ruling ideology in all branches and on the all levels of the US governance system.

If this happens, the conservative part of the US society (at least a half of it) will inevitably find itself in a strong opposition to the political regime established in the country. This part of the society will have no real representatives in the ruling political class and a large part of US citizens will just find themselves to be dissidents in their own country for being not enough neo-liberal.



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