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Al-Ummal Neighbourhood’s Health Center in Deir Ezzor city put into service

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Deir Ezzor, SANA- Deir Ezzor Health Department said that it has put al-Ummal (Labors) neighborhood health center in Deir Ezzor city into service after rehabilitating and maintaining the damage affected it due to terrorism.

Director of Health Department Bashar al-Shoua’ibi told SANA in a statement that within the Department’s plan to expand the health services in the liberated neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city, the health center was reopened to provide services to the locals of the eastern neighborhoods of the city, particularly the neighborhoods of the Ummal, al-Hamidiya, the old Airport and al-Sinaa.

Al-Shoua’ibi indicated that the center was equipped with medical equipment, medicines and medical cadres.

The center includes a general outpatient clinic, dental clinic, a Gynecology Clinic, a laboratory, and a section for children’s vaccination, and it provides first aid, reproductive and gynecological health, and treatment of malnutrition services, according to Director of the Center Dr. Ali Dalloul.

A number of citizens hailed the government efforts exerted to improve situation of the liberated neighborhoods.

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