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Al-Jadid ancient bath in Aleppo returns to narrate the city’s popular traditions

Aleppo, SANA – Al-Jadid ancient bath in Bab al-Hadid neighborhood in old Aleppo has returned to narrate the heritage and traditions of the northern city and its popular folklore after its rehabilitation from the damage and destruction affected it by terrorism.


The bath shows the return of life to the in neighborhoods and streets of the ancient city which shake off dust of the terrorism through rehabilitating its markets and archeological khans and doors.

The bath owner, Mohamad Fares, told SANA that al-Jadid bath is considered as one of the most significant ancient baths in Aleppo, adding that its building dates back to more than 500 years.

“While the armed terrorist groups were present in Old Aleppo, the bath was destroyed and sabotaged,” Fares added.

As citizens of Aleppo always want to preserve the city’s original heritage, works have been done to rehabilitate and restore parts of the bath from external stone façade passing through reception gallery to inner and middle sections.

Fares noted that the bath was and still is bringing people together in the neighborhood and forms a distinguished social atmosphere through the revival of wedding rituals of ancient Aleppo and the joy of people on occasions of marriage where the bath could receive more than 700 persons.



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