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Trump Admits Defeat, Promises Smooth Transfer Of Power, Censored On Facebook, YouTube, Twitter


Trump Admits Defeat, Promises Smooth Transfer Of Power, Censored On Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

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On January 7th, US President Donald Trump conceded the US Presidential election results, and condemned the Capitol violence.

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In a video released by the White House, Trump delivered what has become the customary statement most unsuccessful candidates issue hours after an election, though he never congratulated Biden or even uttered his name.

“We have just been through an intense election and emotions are high,” he said. “But now tempers must be cooled and calm restored. We must get on with the business of America.”

Trump said he would focus his final days in office on ensuring a smooth transition of power.

“Now Congress has certified the results. A new administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 20,” he said. “My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. This moment calls for healing and reconciliation.”

Steve Cortes, a senior Trump campaign adviser, described Trump’s statement as “pitch perfect” in tone and substance.

“We cannot pretend that Biden won legitimately, but we must also acknowledge the present reality and move forward,” he said.

Still, Trump faces calls for his removal from office and for criminal charges to be filed over his remarks that allegedly incited violence.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer joined others in both parties in calling on Trump to be removed from office — either by impeaching him for the second time, or pressuring Vice President Mike Pence and Cabinet officials to invoke the 25th Amendment process.

The Republican party has all but entirely capitulated, and have all either given up on Trump or remain in silence, as such consolidating the entire power in the United States, both in the White House, Senate and Congress to the Democrats.

In his speech, Trump attempted to justify his campaign as an effort to “ensure the integrity of the vote,” even though local and state officials across the country denied there was any reason for concern, and as he lost dozens of court cases in which he sought to reverse his loss.

“Serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime,” Trump said. “And to all of my wonderful supporters, I know you are disappointed. But I also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning.”

He also condemned the violence and lawlessness that overtook Capitol Hill.

“Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem,” he said. “America is and must always be a nation of law and order. The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay.”

This was in contrast with his message during the protests, telling people “We love you” and to simply “Go Home.”

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Still, Social Media’s crusade against Trump continues.

On January 7th, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Trump’s account would be suspended for at least two weeks, meaning Trump will no longer be president if or when his access is restored.

He presented it as if Facebook isn’t a platform for some very questionable content and individuals, and made it appear as if the platform was doing Trump a favor “allowing” him to use it.

“Over the last several years, we have allowed President Trump to use our platform consistent with our own rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violate our policies. We did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to political speech, even controversial speech. But the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.”

Zuckerberg also said that “the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great.”

MSM now is also saying that Zuckerberg made a mistake, allowing Trump to even have a profile on Facebook, to begin with, in contrast with, more or less, every other leader on the planet and his opposition.

Separately, US President Donald Trump has been allowed to Tweet again, after being locked out of his account for 12 hours.

Posting a more conciliatory message, he refrained from reiterating false claims of voter fraud.

Twitter said that it would ban Trump “permanently” if he breached the platform’s rules again.

The move from Twitter puts clear water between it and Facebook, which suspended him “indefinitely”, for at least two weeks.

The popular gaming platform Twitch also placed an indefinite ban on Trump’s channel, which he has used for rally broadcasts.

In addition, YouTube has removed several videos that US President Donald Trump has posted on his channel and warned that any channel found to be posting three times within 90 days with false claims on US election results will be permanently removed from the Google-owned video platform.

“Over the last month, we’ve removed thousands of videos which spread misinformation claiming widespread voter fraud changed the result of the 2020 election, including several videos that President Trump posted on Wednesday to his channel,” Google said in a statement.

“Due to the disturbing events that transpired on Wednesday, and given that the election results have been certified, any channel posting new videos with these false claims in violation of our policies will now receive a strike, a penalty which temporarily restricts uploading or live-streaming,” it said.

“Channels that receive three strikes in the same 90-day period will be permanently removed from YouTube,” Google said in its statement.

Trump is slowly having the ground beneath his feet removed, and he is being refused any sort of platform, which is a sort of preview of what is likely to happen when the neo-liberal “idea” is fully introduced in the United States, for everybody who dares speak anything other than what is in the mainstream.

The Republican party conceded, and so did he, Joe Biden was confirmed as the elected President by US Vice President Mike Pence, and Trump’s VP refused to even comment on anything, simply conceding power and not questioning the situation, in an apparent sign of concession.



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