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Iran’s Parliament To Vote On Bill To “Eliminate Israel By 2041” And Expel U.S. From Middle East


Iran's Parliament To Vote On Bill To "Eliminate Israel By 2041" And Expel U.S. From Middle East

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On January 4th, members of Iranian parliament presented a bill that would oblige future Iranian governments to “eliminate Israel by 2041 and to work toward removing American forces from the region, Iranian news agency ISNA reported.

ISNA revealed that the bill includes 16 articles under the name “Iran reciprocates” and was presented as a measure to respond to the assassination of Iran’s Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani in 2020.

According to ISNA, the bill specified the conditions for negotiating with Washington and the criteria for supporting Tehran’s allies.

The bill would require the Iranian government to take necessary measures that would lead to the “elimination of Israel by March 2041” and break the Israeli blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip by sending essential commodities for free or paid for.

Furthermore, the bill also reportedly supported funding and organizing marches on Israel’s borders in South Lebanon and the Golan Heights under the slogans of “Liberation of the Golan” and “the right of return of Palestinian refugees.”

The draft includes obligating future Iranian governments to send humanitarian aid once every three months, such as medicine, food, and fuel, to the Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) to “break the siege on them in Yemen.”

Apart from that, the bill also has a section titled “Expelling America from the Region” it sets forth that the Iranian government, and armed forces need to carry out the necessary activities to remove the US military forces under Central Command from the Middle East.

This also sets forth the possibility that Iran can conclude military agreements for no more than 5 years with any local country that wishes to expel the US.

Furthermore, any of the countries that “embrace American forces are partners in any US military or security action against Iranian interests in Iran and the region, and that they bear all the responsibilities arising from that.”

The bill adds that Tehran has the right to respond in any way against the country from which a US aggression was launched from.

It also stresses the obligation of armed forces in the Iranian army and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to responds to any US military action against Iran, on the same level or greater.

This excludes Syria and Iraq, in which the US is “illegally” present.

The bill prohibits governments from conducting any negotiations with any country regarding Iranian military capabilities, Iran’s role in the region, and issues related to Iran’s proxies.

Any form of negotiation on non-nuclear issues with the US is strictly prohibited. It prohibits any negotiations with the US, whether bilateral or multilateral with other countries’ participation before the American administration condemns the assassination of Brigadier General Qassem Soleimani.

Finally, the bill calls on governments to facilitate trade with Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, and Venezuela.

This happened after Iran announced that it was nearly ready to begin 20% uranium enrichment at the Fordo Nuclear Site, and that it seized a South Korean-flagged tanker for polluting the Persian Gulf.

It is also in negotiations with South Korea to unlock nearly $9 billion in assets from Seoul.

In response to the 20% uranium enrichment announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the move “cannot be explained in any way except as the continued realization of its intention to develop a military nuclear program”.

“Israel will not allow Iran to manufacture nuclear weapons,” he added.



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